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Virtual Assistant Services

For Coaches, Consultants, and Service Providers

Social Media Management

As a coach, you need to have a strong and cohesive presence on your social media channels. I take care of content management, strategy, interactions, outreach, managing your social media inboxes, and keeping your feeds active.

Content Creation

The internet is content driven, and your content is what positions you as an authority and attracts your dream clients. From writing SEO content for your website to repurposing content for your social media, podcast, email list and more, let's keep the wheels moving.


How many hours per week do you waste checking emails, answering emails, answering your calls, and responding to online inquiries? What BETTER things could you be using that time for? Let me handle the communications while you handle bigger things in business.

Administrative Duties

All of those tasks that HAVE to be done, but they kill your time + creativity? Things like light bookkeeping and calendar management (you know, all that fun stuff)? It's where I thrive. Let's combine forces so that you can build a streamlined, high-impact coaching business.

Project Management

You're the coach: you don't need to be managing the minutiae of the projects––you just need to show up and provide excellent service to your clients. I help you organize projects + manage your client relationships so that you can focus on doing what they hired you to do: coach.

Client Management

Stop chasing contracts, invoices, and forgetting to send out those cards to your clients for Holidays! I handle all of your client management tasks so that you can maintain those relationships on in a streamlined and organized way.

High-Impact Personalized Virtual Assistant Services for coaches

Welcome to Delegated to Devon.

I founded Delegated to Devon because I noticed a common problem in the coaching industry:

SO many coaches are solopreneurs. This means that you’re heavily involved in the backend of their businesses, spending your time on tedious (but necessary) tasks instead of focusing on your clients.

Stop losing money because you’re stuck in the minutiae of your coaching business! 

Yes, ALL of those backend tasks need to get done, but they DON’T need to be done by YOU. You’re the CEO. You don’t need to be scheduling your own Instagram posts + fielding online inquiries!

I’m here to relieve your stress and help you get back your most valuable resource: TIME.

Whether you invest the time you save by hiring a virtual assistant for your coaching business back into your clients, or into taking a well-deserved break, I’m here to make sure you WIN your time back WITHOUT your business having to suffer.

Let's answer some of your

Frequently Asked Questions

Specializing in the coaching + consulting industry, a virtual assistant for coaches helps you manage projects, client relationships, and the back-end tasks of your business while you focus on what you do best: changing the lives of your clients!

Absolutely. As a virtual assistant specializing in social media management, I’m here to help schedule your posts, interact with your target audience, keep your channels active, answer your DMs, and make sure that your brand is cohesive across all platforms.

So, if you’re a coach who’s leads come from social media, a virtual assistant specializing in social media will be a worthwhile investment for you.

Yes! I offer packages of 15 hours, 30 hours, and 45 hours so that you can get as much (or as little) virtual assistance support as you need.

A virtual assistant is like having an in-person assistant, except without the in-your-space element.

A virtual assistant can do nearly everything an in-person assistant can do, only online.

I do! My services go beyond keeping your calendar organized and managing the backend tasks of your business.

I offer personal assistant services like scheduling your travel, booking your appointments, helping you find childcare, paying your bills, and more.

Sure! I write semantic-style SEO-focused articles for your website, repurpose your blog posts into other forms of content, and partner with a graphic designer, a podcast editor, and a video editor to create high-impact content for your coaching business.

I am available to you from 8am-5pm CST, and by special request outside of those hours.

Right now, I have two openings: I can either take on one new client at 30 hours per month, or two clients at 15 hours per month.

I book up fast! If you want to work together, book your call HERE and reserve your spot!

More questions? Let me know!